The Beautiful People Project is a different Art project. It is not about art & artists. It is about humans, values, creativity and dreams. It is definitely more than a collection of portraits of some creative, prominent people.
We launched it officially at February 8th 2012, although we first started with a few interviews as a test, 3 months earlier, at November 2011. Our aim is to introduce our guests to the public, because they inspire us strongly and we think they could be an amazing source of inspiration for all.
 Usually, people like our guests don't appear at media often or if they do, because some of them they are already famous,  don't have the opportunity to feature their opinions and their personalities or their creations to the public, the way they would like to. But they do have important things to say to those who read their interviews and most of all, the photos of their work and their faces, speak loudly for themselves.
I started from the artists of all kinds, because they are my natural family. But i do respect and deeply admire those people who do their work with passion & creativity, no matter what is their profession and I invite them to join us.
I think it is time to re - estimate the real values of our lives if we want to recover from misery.
Everybody loves a Winner, but we like a Trier even more…

Read, look and learn how beautiful, inspirational, lively and creative are the guests of BPProject, and if you think you want to participate to BPP, contact us.

You know You Belong With Us!

Ismini Karali
Interior Architect - Designer
Creative Director
Founder of BPProject

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From the indian newspaer "LIFE 365":

The Interview of Ismini Karali at the Indian Newspaper "Life 365" written by the 
journalist Birajdar Laxmi

Ismini Karali,  Conceptual Interior Architect & Designer, Athens, Greece

Ismini Karali: " I will either find a way or make one"

BPP: Identity: Who you are? And who you really are?

Ismini Karali: I'm a Conceptual Interior Designer.  I was born in Greece & i live here all my life. I'm a bold, creative and stubborn bastard, but nobody is perfect after all. My philosophy in life is simple: "I will either find a way or make one", like Hannibal said a long time ago. The greatest awards i received in my life for my work was the acceptance & joy of the people. And yes, i do believe in miracles ( still).

photo ©  by Louis Polychronopoulos

BPP: If you could say something important to others who were listening, what would you tell them?

Ismini Karali: What i've learned from life the last 45 years i live downhere, is what we call difficulties is nothing but opportunities. I could talk for ages to those who would like to listen, about the importance of failure to human hapiness and success.

self portrait - photo © ismini karali

BPP:  What is your true dream, the one that keeps you up at night and if one day it were to come true you would feel peace and calmness in your heart?

Ismini Karali:  My dream is the dream of a child: I want the world i live in, to change to a more fair & decent place. I shall do everything for this purpose, until the very last day of my life. It isn't important if  I won't be there to see the Change. Humanity will be there anyway.

3Sixty cafe at Nafplion - Photo by Ismini Karali

Kitchen Bar - Johanesburg, S. Africa - photo by Pierre Bassani 

Kitchen Bar - Johanesburg, S,.Africa  - Photo by Pierre Bassani

Kitchen Bar - Johanesburg, S.Africa  - photo by Pierre Bassani

Rich cafe at Glyfada - photo © Ismini Karali 

BPP: How is life currently for the people in your country and what would you wish for them and for the planet at large?

Ismini Karali: The people in my country are in a very difficult position today. Poverty is outside of our doors and we don't know how to handle this situation. But we still have the light of our Sun, the endless blue of  our Sea and the protection of God. 
I wish for my people - which are the people of all the world, not only the people of my country- to find inside their souls the strength to live their lives with truth. I wish they change their minds and this planet forever.

Flo Longe, New York - Usa

Privilige club at Monastiraki Center, Athens - photo © Nikos Daniilidis

BPP: If you had a chance to be a child again would you choose the same life?

Ismini Karali: If i had the chance to be a child again, i would have chosen the same road again. My life wasn't easy, but it was beautiful. I had the chance to create amazing things, i gave birth to two beautiful children, i was lucky enough to fall in love and be loved strongly and i travelled a lot. I had the chance to meet some extraordinary people and learn from them. I saw places and people and i learnt that life is nothing but a game. So, play it well. No miseries are allowed!

Venue cafe at Mall, Athens - photo © Nikos Daniilidis

BPP:  What was the exact moment that you realized what you wanted to do with your life?  How did you feel at this very moment?

Ismini Karali: The moment i realized i wasn't born to live peacefully. Whatever other people call "peacefully" anyway. I was made to provoke myself & to create continuously.

Nargihle restaurant - Kefallari, Athens - photo © Nikos Daniilidis

BPP: Something yours: Do you want to tell us something we didn't ask you until now?

Ismini Karali: "It took a long time to understand what humility is, and blame them who teach me to place it the other pole of pride. You must tame the idea of ​​being inside you to understand it."  Mikros Nautilos, Odysseas Elytis.

Shogun Restaurant, Kefalari, Athens - Photo by Nikos Daniilidis

Villa at Agia Marina, Athens - photo © Nikos Daniilidis

      I wish to all of you, to find inside you the true hapiness. Nothing else matters.

Ismini Karali's drawing for the Beautiful People Project

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Photos © by Nikos Daniilidis,  Pierre Bassani, Ismini Karali, Louis Polychronopoulos, Dimitra Polychronopoulou