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Zoey London:Creative Director/Art Director/Producer · Boston, Massachusetts, Usa

   Zoey London's portrait

Zoey London: "BELIEVE in the invisible worlds, explore them for eternity and develope a talent that we all possess, TRUE FAITH and GOODNESS. I Love You All...."

 "The Metamorhosis of Narcissus" - book cover design created by Zoey London

 "The Lucky Garden" - illustration created by Zoey London and Sienna for "The Gemini Seduction Trilogy"

"Let's Call It A Day" - Mousepad design created by Zoey London

BPP: Who are you?  And who you really are?

Zoey London: My name is Zoey London and I live in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. I am the Owner, Creative Director, Art Director, Writer and Graphic Designer for my own Creative Boutique and Advertising/PR agency, Zoey London Worldwide. Who am I really? I am a self styled, well rounded  creative individual that loves to work in all aspects of the arts. I am a citizen of the world. I am an observer and a visionary. I am a communicator. I am a visitor here for a short time, and I love this world.

 "A Song for Edward Gorey" - illustration for book entitled "A Song for Edward Gorey" created by Zoey London

"The Girl In My Bubble" - illustration for "The Gemini Seduction Trilogy" created by Zoey London 

 "Moon Age Daydream" - illustration created by Zoey London for greeting cards, t-shirts and various other gift products. Photo usage compliments of NASA

BPP: If you could say something important to others who were listening, what would you tell them?

Zoey London: Persevere. Be patient. Work hard. Take care of your health. Do not worry about the things that you cannot change. Don't be afraid to seek help from others when help is needed. Make new friends at every opportunity. Keep the friends that are good for you and your life. Leave your past mistakes behind you. Live life fully, one day at a time. Be forgiving of yourself and others. Be compassionate. Love yourself and have fun with your work, your friends and your dreams.

 "Dream Oasis" - illustration created by Zoey London and Sienna for "The Gemini Seduction Trilogy"

BPP:  What is your true dream, the one that keeps you up at night and if one day it were to come true you would feel peace and calmness in your heart?

Zoey London: I am living my true dream now. Peace and calmness lives in my heart every day.

 "Justice" - commissioned painting for mural created by Zoey London

"Forever Jung" - illustration created by Zoey London for t-shirts and various other gift products

BPP: How is life currently for the people in your country and what would you wish for them and for the planet at large?

Zoey London: The quality of life for the people in America seems to change daily. There is good and there is bad always.  My wish for all the people in the world is Peace and Happiness for all, and I believe that will happen one day, but there will be much more adversity and challenge before that comes into being. Again, I wish patience, positive thinking, a pure heart and an open mind, love and forgiveness for all the people of this planet.

"American Standard" -book cover jacket created by Zoey London for author, Chris Vee

 "Epistasis" - book cover and book designer for author Jean Rae Waldron

"The Gemini seduction" book cover design created by Zoey London

 "The Weight of a Dream" book cover design for book jacket, by Zoey London. Author, Zoey London

 "Channel 2" - created by Zoey London for self promotional project

BPP: If you had a chance to be a child again would you choose the same life?

Zoey London: No. I have already lived this life, so to relive it would be boring to me and without reason. I would like new challenges, but I think I would still want to be an artist, inventor and creator. Maybe I could keep the same name, Zoey London. Somehow it keeps me connected to my ever lasting dream. I would like to keep the same mother and father and my three brothers from this life, as well as the great childhood friends that I grew up with. They are all a big part of who I am today.

 "Best Jobs" - promotional piece, created for RCN by Zoey London

 "Breakdown" - created by Zoey London

BPP:  What was the exact moment that you realized what you wanted to do with your life?  How did you feel at this very moment?

Zoey London: It was a summery Saturday morning. It was my seventh birthday. A beautiful clear blue sky was outside my bedroom window, and a cool breeze opened my curtains to reveal a fantastic secret garden, and I felt that I could fly. I got up and went to our kitchen and grabbed two large dinner plates and made my way to our back yard. I waited for a good breeze to come along and I extended my arms like wings with the plates held in my hands like rudders. It didn't surprise me when the wind took me off my feet and I found myself flying out over fields, high above my neighbors houses. With the help of the plates I could control my flight easily. I would swoop down like a daredevil almost to the ground and pass beneath clothes lines where clothing and sheets were hung out to dry. 

"Twitter Adverts" - created by Zoey London"

 "The Rebirth of Zo" - image created by Zoey London for "The Gemini Seduction Trilogy

I'm not sure how long I was flying, but after I had circled the steeple of the neighborhood church twice, I made my way back home. I put the plates back into the kitchen cupboard and returned to my bed, all giggles and smiles and with an awesome elation. I drew a crude picture of my flying experience, and I liked it. I relived my flying experience through that drawing, Hurriedly I jumped out of bed and ran to show it to my father. He had the biggest smile on his face as I related my story to him. He took the marker from my hand and drew a huge smiling sun in the sky. "You are my son", he said. "A true artist, you are." And with much support from my family over the years, that is what I became...

"Einstein, Man of Steel" - created by Zoey London for t-shirts, greeting cards, posters and various other gift products

BPP: Would you like to tell us something we didn’t ask until now?

Zoey London: BELIEVE in the invisible worlds, explore them for eternity and develop a talent that we all possess, TRUE FAITH and GOODNESS. I Love You All....

"Hamsters Rule" - created for t-shirts, greeting cards and various other gift products by Zoey London (for "The Artful Hamster" project)

"On Howard Street" - book cover design for writer and poet A.J. Christian

 "Dahlia" - illustration created by Zoey London for "The Metamorphosis of Narcissus" by author Jean Rae Waldron

 "Noggin Thunkers" - hangtag design for product line created by Zoey London

 "Massachusetts Institute of Technology Retro Recruitment Poster" - created by Zoey London

Zoey London's portrait

Zoey London's drawing for BPProject

All photos and art creations copyright by Zoey London. All rights reserved.

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