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Paul Landau, Photographic Artist, Arizona, Usa

    Paul Landau's self portrait

Paul Landau: "One thing I'm sure of, there is a divine consciousness"

BPP: Identity: Who you are? And who you really are?

 Paul Landau:  My name is Paul Landau. I am a photgraphic artist. I was born in the state of Virginia, U.S. and now reside in Arizona. My real purpose on Earth is to worship/document nature in many forms. I've  done this since I've had conscious thoughts.

Costa's hummingbird male  - Ιmage courtesy: Paul Landau

Costa's hummingbird male feeding from Penstemon flowers - Ιmage courtesy: Paul Landau

Black-chinned hummingbird male - Ιmage courtesy: Paul Landau

Anna's hummingbird male feeding from Penstemon flowers- Ιmage courtesy: Paul Landau

BPP: If you could say something important you've learned all these years of your life, to the other people and they were able to listen to you, what would you like to tell them? 

Paul Landau: If I've learned anything in life is that somehow human intelligence has to be harnessed/perfected to co-exist with nature and not to overcome/defeat it. The latter will never happen and nature will not "miss" us when we're gone if we do go.

Agave - Image courtesy: Paul Landau

Assassin bug waiting for prey within a flower - Image courtesy: Paul Landau 

Leaf hopper on a sunflower stem - Ιmage courtesy: Paul Landau

Blue Dasher dragonfly - Ιmage courtesy: Paul Landau

Harvester ants attacking an invading Leaf-cutter ant - Ιmage courtesy: Paul Landau

BPP: What is your real dream, the one that keeps you awake at nights and if one day it will come true, you will feel your heart calm and peacefull? 

Paul Landau: My dream/goal is to be a prominent photgraphic artist to give/teach/help my fellow human being understand and respect nature.

Image courtesy: Paul Landau

Image courtesy: Paul Landau

Ιmage courtesy: Paul Landau

Pollination - Ιmage courtesy: Paul Landau

Western Screech Owl eye detail - image courtesy: Paul Landau

BPP: How is life for the people in your country today? What do you wish to happen to them and to the people of this planet at large? 

Paul Landau: In the U.S today most people here are motivated by money and the media. Of course this is not the truth of our existence and I wish more people had even a small desire to find out what the truth is. I'm not claiming to know yet myself, but I do have the desire to find out what it is and not contiue to believe the "un-truth".

 Half  Moon over the Sonoran desert - Ιmage courtesy: Paul Landau

Pleiades - Image courtesy: Paul Landau

Andromeda Galaxy M31- Ιmage courtesy: Paul Landau

Paul Landau observing the Pleiades - Ιmage courtesy: Paul Landau

BPP: If you had the chance to be a child again, will you choose to do the same life you do? 

Paul Landau: My childhood was spent in the Blue Rdge mountains of Virginia. I would do it again the same. I like the direction it pointed me in.

Lightning over Four Peaks in the Mazatzal Mountains of Arizona - Ιmage courtesy: Paul Landau

BPP: Which exactly was the moment you understood what you want to do in your life? How did you feel at this very moment? 

Paul Landau: Just before my third birthday as a little boy, my two older brothers cought a 5-6 foot Black-rat snake and let me play with it. I can still remember it looped around my neck and to this day I can "pinpoint" that as the start of my fascination with animals. They let it go that day and I was upset and have literally spent the rest of my life finding it again. 

"Paul Landau with Mojave Green Rattlesnake just out of hibernation" 
- Image courtesy: Paul Landau

"Mojave"- Image courtesy: Paul Landau

"Paul Landau shooting macro images" - Image courtesy: Paul Landau

"Rattler" - Image courtesy: Paul  Landau

BPP: Something yours: Do you want to tell us something we didn't ask you until now?

Paul Landau: One thing I'm sure of, there is a divine consciousness. This consciousness has an individual plan/duty/service for every single person. When you find out what it is you are free.

Self Portrait - Image courtesy: Paul Landau

Paul Landau' s drawing for BPProject

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"The better you look at 1/22,000 sec., the more you'll see".

Paul Landau

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