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Carol Hyman, Photographer, Las Vegas. USA

Ιmage courtesy: Carol Hyman

Carol Hyman:  "If I have anything to pass along to others, it is simply to live your life to the fullest--moment to moment"

BPP: Identity: Who you are? And who you really are?

Carol Hyman: Who am I?
By name, Carol Hyman.

Age?  We can forget that question.  As I once told co-workers ...  Older than God.  In my book, age is a «number.»  Time stopped when I was 35.

Image courtesy: Carol Hyman

Carol Hyman: I have been an Art Director, Data Processing Manager, EDP Liaison (whatever that was), Programmer and System Administrator, School Teacher, Technical Course Developer and Trainer.  Currently I’m into both photography and image processing and would love to get a tiny and budding business off the ground.

My country is the United States where I reside in Las Vegas.  I’m not a desert rat; However, Nevada is affordable.  My preference would be to return to Calfiornia, but then I remind myself to be careful what I wish for.  It just might happen ...

Image courtesy: Carol Hyman

Carol Hyman: My purpose in life is two-fold.  From the beginning I resisted the idea of teaching; however, at some point along the way, I discovered that I’m an excellent communicator and I have the ability to translate «techno-speak» into a language that less technical people can understand.  This truth even extends to the world of photography and its particular ideosyncracies. 

I really believe that our purpose in life is to learn, and this is true for all of us.  I’m using the term, «Learn» in its broadest sense.  We’re here to learn knowledge, how to control our minds and emotions, how to interact with other people, how to be content, and the list could go on and on and on ...  I also think we’re here to share our knowledge with others; Not only those who follow us but also with our peers.

Image courtesy: Carol Hyman

BPP: If you could say something important you've learned all these years of your life, to the other people and they were able to listen to you, what would you like to tell them?

Carol Hyman: Life is far too short to waste fretting and worrying about events that may or may not come to pass. There’s a lot of truth to the saying, «Whatever will be, will be.»

 Image courtesy: Carol Hyman

BPP: What is your real dream, the one that keeps you awake at nights and if one day it will come true, you will feel your heart calm and peacefull?

Carol Hyman: I have a dream and that is to return to Las Angeles, California to live, and if the truth were to be told, I’m not too sure that it would leave my heart calm and peaceful.  I just think it would!  Los Angeles is a large area and the places that I love are far apart.  Traffic, crime, and congestion have done nothing but increase over the years.  

Image courtesy: Carol Hyman

Carol Hyman: Taxes are out of sight and rents prohibitive.  As I reflect on this question, I think it would be far more productive on my part to simply look at what is and aim to succeeding in accepting what’s so in my life.  It may be true, as many people say, that you can’t have everything.  I prefer to think that what we have in our life depends on how we view the problems that we all have in our lives.  Maybe it’s time to trade in my dream for a new one.

Image courtesy: Carol Hyman

BPP: How is life for the people in your country today? What do you wish to happen to them and to the people of this planet at large?

Carol Hyman: I think that people here in the United States have short memories.  In my opinion, many folks are looking for life to be handed to them on a silver platter whether they deserve it or not.  Also I think that many folks have either forgotten or have never realized that life has not always been a bed of roses.  People seem to be treading down a path of never-ending spending and don’t seem to realize that ultimately they are responsible for handling incurred debts.

Image courtesy: Carol Hyman

Carol Hyman: I would like to see peoples all over the world accept a code of responsibility for their own actions; I would like to see them elect representatives who are in touch with the everyday needs of people.

And of more importance, I would like to see our civilization advance to the point at which we have progressed beyond a state of war.  I think learning to communicate and live with our differences is far more important that dropping a bomb on another nation.  It’s time we all learned to respect each other.

Image courtesy: Carol Hyman

BPP: If you had the chance to be a child again, will you choose to do the same life you do?

Carol Hyman: I have no regrets at having lived the life that I have; I’ve experienced a long and full life.  If I had it to live all over, there are things that I might have done differently.  One possibility might have been to accept a Math scholarship to the University of Pittsburgh.  Another possibility might have been that my parents could have said something other than “Be a teacher. “ I think it might have been nice, had they said, “Be an artist, “ ”Be a Mathematician,” or “Be a Scientist.”

 Image courtesy: Carol Hyman

Carol Hyman: What I’m really saying is that as much as I have done, I only wish I had accomplished even more.

I also suspect that no matter what path I had chosen, I would end up exactly where I am.

Image courtesy: Carol Hyman 

BPP: Which exactly was the moment you understood what you want to do in your life? How did you feel at this very moment?

Carol Hyman: When I was 16 and in the throes of preparing to leave high school, someone asked me what were my goals.  My response was: “I want to go places, meet people, and do things.”  It was a freeing thought then, and as I look back today, I realize that is how I have lived my life.

 Image courtesy: Carol Hyman

 Something yours: Do you want to tell us something we didn't ask you until now?

Carol Hyman: One additional comment and that is simply this!
Thisisit!  There is nothing else going on in my life except what is happening this moment.  If I have anything to pass along to others, it is simply to live your life to the fullest--moment to moment.

Image courtesy: Carol Hyman

Carol Hyman's Drawing for BPProject

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