Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fanco Chen, Fashion Illustrator, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

   Image courtesy: Fanco Chen

Fanco Chen:No matter how big of a challenge you meet, do not give up"

BPP: Identity: Who you are? And who you really are?

Fanco ChenMy name is Fanco Chen, I am 24 years old, a freelance fashion illustrator based in Taiwan now.

I've been doing fashion illustrations for 3 years since 2009. Not only do I enjoy illustrating fashion related themes but also creating works which are stylish, unique and enchanting. 

Image courtesy: Fanco Chen

BPP: If you could say something important you've learned all these years of your life, to the other people and they were able to listen to you, what would you like to tell them? 

Fanco ChenDo what you think is right, and keep on going. No matter how big of a challenge you meet, do not give up.

Image courtesy: Fanco Chen

BPP: What is your real dream, the one that keeps you awake at nights and if one day it will come true, you will feel your heart calm and peacefull? 

Fanco Chen: Have my works be seen on famous fashion magazine like Vogue and ELLE.
Have my own illustration books to be published.
Have my own exhibition. 

Image courtesy: Fanco Chen

BPP: How is life for the people in your country today? What do you wish to happen to them and to the people of this planet at large?

Fanco Chen:Fashion illustration is not popular in Taiwan. There are a few fashion illustrators surviving around here. Most of the time, companies in Taiwan intend to present foreigner’s works instead of our native artists. I hope fashion industry in Taiwan will do something to encourage our native fashion illustrators and provide more chances.

Image courtesy: Fanco Chen

BPP: If you had the chance to be a child again, will you choose to do the same life you do? 

Fanco Chen: It would be too many to choose one if I were a child. I had many dreams that I want to fulfill when I was a child, so I just cannot sure.

Image courtesy: Fanco Chen

BPP: Which exactly was the moment you understood what you want to do in your life? How did you feel at this very moment?

Fanco Chen: When I went to England in 2008 and transferred my study from art theater to fashion marketing. It was at the time I found out there was such a fantastic stuff called fashion illustration in the world. What is more, I can do this!

Image courtesy: Fanco Chen

BPP: Something yours: Do you want to tell us something we didn't ask you until now? 

Fanco Chen:Yes, about the projects and things I’ve been doing during my freelancing year.
I launched my own website and also created a facebook page called “Oops illustration studio”. My fans on facebook have increased steady and my works become more famous and popular via these medias. I am really happy with that, because it is all about sense of competence but absolutely not making a living. 

Image courtesy: Fanco Chen

Also,  I’ve worked with some coffee shops to decorate the spaces with my illustration works. Although most of them were not so fashion related, but I still had a lot of fun doing these. Now, I want to expand my career to more fashion related areas, like fashion magazines and window design.

Image courtesy: Fanco Chen 

Fanco Chen's drawing for BPProject 

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